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ITAV (It Takes A Village) was created by Derrick Blount in 2019 with a sole purpose. Educate, enlighten and lift individuals to grow in both their personal lives and professional careers. Whether you’re looking to build a career or interested in obtaining generational wealth, ITAV will put you in touch with experts and offer programs to help achieve your specific goals. Creator Derrick Blount believes in order for people to achieve success it takes a VILLAGE. A village of people focusing not only on their own personal goals, but helping others achieve there’s as well!

ITAV is one of the largest online platforms where individuals come together to share ideas and have a personal interest in helping others. ITAV offers a wide range of services from wealth building opportunities to participating in volunteer programs aim to give back to the community. With a wide-range of programs ITAV has something for everyone. Learn how you can become part of the ITAV community today.

“The seeds of greatness grow best when watered and nurtured by a village of people that have a vested interest in its success!"

-Derrick Blount 

It Takes A Village

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One of the major functions of ITAV is monthly events. From business workshops to volunteer programs, ITAV is a community that is committed to helping everyone meet their true potential. Below are a few examples of the services offered by ITAV. Please visit the “upcoming events” page for specific events in your area and see how you can participate. Remember “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”


Success “By Any Means Necessary" Seminar

How to get started in real estate and make great passive income

How to work full-time and run a booming business

Social Programs

Suits for youth programs

Feeding the homeless and other social programs


Getting started in “Investing in Stocks”

Resume editing & improved interviewing skills workshops

Upcoming events

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10:00 am - 1:00 pm, Mar 7

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Homewood Suites by Hilton Malvern/Great Valley

Reserve Derrick Blount For Your Next Event

Derrick Blount has been in the Hospitality industry for over 20 years and worked his way through the ranks to hold prominent positions at major hotel chains such as Marriott & Hilton. In addition to working in the Hospitality industry, Derrick owns and operates a very successful commercial cleaning business that generates a substantial amount income. Having diversified his portfolio Derrick has become extremely successful in his professional career. 

Being involved in public speaking for over ten years Derrick is a highly requested speaker at many different events. Derrick's ability to deliver his message in a clear and direct way makes him an instant draw to all ages and genders. To reserve Derrick please contact him directly through the website. A representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

It Takes A Village

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